Cheap Carousel Ride for Sale Philippines

Sep 24,2019 Qiang Li Rides 221

Cheap Carousel Ride for Sale Philippines

Carousel ride also called merry go round, is a kind of popular amusement park and fairground rides with young people. This month, we shipped our carousel ride to the Philippines, our Philippines customer told us the carousel rides are welcomed by many people at their local amusement park, funfair, etc.

There are many kind of cheap carousel for sale from QiangLi amusement manufacturer, we  produce carousel rides including indoor small size carousel rides or outdoor carousel rides gaint carousel rides, small size carousel rides for kids and double decker carousel rides. 

The Philippines customer place the order of 16 seats carousel ride and 24 seats carousel ride for sale, we manufacture these two carousel ride according to their requirement with unique design and color. We QiangLi produce the carousel according to the customers’ requirements for sizes, style, paint and decoration.

As a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, our production of amusement equipment covers the following categories.

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