Advantages of Qiangli Giant Spinning Roller Coaster


Roller coaster ride is a kind of thrill ride in the amusement parks, theme parks and some other entertainment places. It is a type of gaint amusement rides, so it’s very important for you to choose a reliable roller coaster manufacture to confirm the safety and product quality, so I want to introduce Qiangli roller coaster manufactuer.

As one of the leading roller coaster manufacturer in China, we Qiangli have pretty rich experience in the design, research, manufacture, and sale of roller coasters for over 20 years. So we have many advantages of roller caoster in Qiangli.

  1. Qiangli was founded in 1993, is a comprehensive amusement park rides manufacturer. We offer many kinds of amusement park rides, such as roller coasters, ferris wheels, carousel rides, flying swing rides, bumper cars, etc.
  2. Fast delivery. Located at Zhengzhou city, the capital of Henan province. We enjoy a quite convenient transportation condition.
  3. Factory price. As a one-stop amusement rides supplier, we have our own large-scale factory. And we have highly skilled staff. All our products enjoy factory prices.
  4. Excellent after-sale service. Since we have been established, we built an excellent after-sale service system to ensure the rights of customers.
  5. We adopt the high quality raw material to produce the products and we have professional staff and excellent after-sale service.

So, if you have any demand for roller caoster ride, Qiangli manufacturer is good choice for you!

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