Advantages of Qiangli Pirate Ship Amusement Ride for Sale


Amusement parkn pirate ship ride is a kind of popular item in the amusement parks, theme parks, funfair, and some other entertainment places. Qiangli is a professional amusement rides manufacturer provide various kinds of pirate ship rides, this article will introduce the advantgages of Qiangli pirate ship ride for sale.

Advantages of Qiangli Pirate Ship Amusement Ride for Sale

High quality. The pirate ship funfair ride for sale in Qiangli are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, which are endurable, corrosion resistant and non-conducting. Besides, the colorful spray painting is unfading and thick enough to meet the concerned standards. And the four pillars and the two arms are made of steel and have been proved to carrying required weight.

Various themes available. As the name implies, pirate ships theme park are Viking pirate ships, with pirates at the head of the ships and pirate related paintings on the body of the ships. However, in addition to this classic theme,Qiangli provide pirate ship ride for sale with different themes, such as traditional Chinese ships, dragon themed ships inspired by the Dragon Boat Festival, and other novel designs as you can imagine.

Equipped with LED light and musics. Once motivated, while pirate ship funfair ride swings back and forth, and subject riders to various level of angular momentum, widely favorite songs, which can be programmed, will be played. When the night descends, the LED lights incorporated in the ride will begin to flash, which is more attractive to visitors, music and the lights make the pirate ship ride have more fun for riders.

Good Services. We Qiangli has professional technicians team and offer all-around services before and after the selling of our products. What’s more. we also can give your advice on the design of your entertainment parks, specific products, and following up issues such as shipment, installation and maintenance.

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