Amusement Park Fruit Worm Roller Coaster Shipped to Nigeria


Several months ago, we QiangLi succesffully exported our smaill size mini roller coaster to Nigeria–firut worm roller coaster. According to our client’s requirement about the worm roller coaster, such as the track length, the area, the seats, etc. Then we QiangLi start put into production, and we finished this product after one month. We delivered the wrom roller coaster to Nigeria. The worm roller coaster is used in the amusement park in Nigeria, our client make this investment on this entertainment item.

Amusement Park Fruit Worm Roller Coaster Shipped to Nigeria
QiangLi Wrom Roller Coaster In Nigeria Amusement

We QiangLi is a professional roller coaster manufacturer, we produce various kinds of roller coaster ride with lovely apperance, bright color. The mini roller coaster is welcomed by children, such as worm roller coaster and dragon roller coaster, and it can bring children happiness and good experience. Any demand, contact us anytime.

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