Carousel Ride Type


Oct 10,2018 News 181

Carousel Ride Type

Carousel ride for sale is a kind of amusement ride which is welcomed by most of people. This article is mainly introduce the types of carousel ride. According to the tranmission mode, the carousel ride can be divided into top drive mode carousel and bottom drive mode carousel ride.

Top Drive Mode Carousel

Fisrtly, we intorduce the operating principle of top drice mode carousel, there is a motor on the top, and there is a gear which links the bearings and rods of the motor, motor starts to run, and it will drive the gear, and the gear drives and lifting the rods. So you will have the feel that you are ride a horse when you riding the carousel for the carousel seats rotating up and down. Top drive mode carousel rides have the characteristics of higher cost than bottom drive mode carousel, but low maintenance cost.

Bottom Drive Mode Carousel

The motor of bottom drive mode carousel is istalled at the bottom of carousel equipment, and there are tires under the bottom. The motor and tires will drive the carousel move. The bottom drive mode carousel have high requirement of ground, the ground need to be perfectly flat.

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