Difference Between Track Train and Trackless Train


Amusement train rides is a kind of popular and item in many parks, tourist attractions, square, and some other entertainment places. They are swelcomed for its beautiful appearance and good experience when riders have a trip on the train rides. Train ride has two types : track train ride and trackless train ride. This article is mainly introduce the difference between the track train ride and trackless train ride in the aspect of structure.

Clearly, track train ride is a kind of ride with tracks. So it has a fixed site in the amusement parks or other places. Track train ride is more suitable for children, they will feel fun and exciting during the running. Trackless train ride is widely installed in the amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, and gardens, etc.

Compared with track train ride, trackless train ride without rails, it is equippment with durable tires. So the trackless train ride is suitable run on the asphalt roads and concrete roads. It is more flexible, trackless train ride can be used in various places, such as amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, gardens, etc. Trackless trains for sale in the Qiangli factory has high performance and safety. We Qiangli provide many kinds of trackless train ride with different themes and appearnace with high quality and competitive price.

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