Different Kinds of Dodgem Car Ride for Sale in QiangLi


Dodgem car ride, also called bumper car ride. We QiangLi produce various kinds of bumber car ride for sale. According to the different power systems, there are kinds of types dodgems rides for sale, such as ground-net bumper car, sky-net bumper car, inflatable bumper car, and electric bumper car.

  1. The oldest dodgem cars sky-net type, which need a conductive floor and ceiling. sky-net bumper cars require complex field conditions. skynet bumper cars for sale should be equipped with conductive floors, conductive wires and strong fences. The conductive plate is inconvenient for decoration.
  2. Groun-net bumper car ride, it needs power grid on the special floor.   A control cabinet to control ten cars at one time. One bumper car can take two people usually, the pedals are used for acceleration,and steering wheels are used for steering.
  3. The battery dodgem bumper cars are the easiest ones to operate. Battery bumper car ride is different from the conventional dodgem, batter bumper car does not require special conducting floors, ceilings, or wires. Batteries and power systems are installed inside the bumper cars’ bodies. Battery provides energy through the motors, gears and some chains to drive the wheels to run.

The bumper car rides can be used in amusement park, funfair, family entertainment centers, fairgrounds and funfair, etc.

QiangLi provides all these three kinds of bumper cars to satisfy your needs, any demand, please leave inquire and we will contact you right away.

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