Different Kinds of Mini Roller Coaster Rides for Sale


kiddie rolloer coaster rides are specially defined for the needs of young children, which are very welcomed in an amusement park, because it’s really suitable for children play. we QiangLi produce different shapes and themes small roller coaster ride for sale, such as small sliding dragon roller coaster, sliding worm roller coaster.

The dragon shaped roller coaster is designed by Chinese mystic character “dragon” with long reddish body. This dragon roller coaster ride is not large as the common roller coaster, but it still can bring children a lot of happiness and memorable experience and oriental culturer feeling.  It adopts to high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has the characteristics of correction resustance, high stabilicity and reliable.

Different Kinds of Mini Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

This worm roller coaster ride for sale is a green and yellowish caterpillar vehicle running along tracks, which has lovely apperance, worm roller coaster is welcomed by children, and it can bring children happiness and good experience.This worm roller coaster has two layers of crawler because the caterpillar first walks on the ground track and then climbs to a higher orbit. Because of this, the weird worm roller coaster requires a stronger motor or two motors to drive the tracked car because it needs to climb up. QiangLi is a professional roller coaster manufacturer, we produce various roller coaster with different designs and sizes.

Different Kinds of Mini Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

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