Fairground Carousel for Sale


Oct 10,2018 News 130

Fairground Carousel for Sale

Amusement park fairground carousel ride is a kind of traditional and popular rides for kids,it is welcomed by kids and adults for its attractive appearance, unique and innovative design, beautiful decoration, Qiangli amusement rides manufacturer produce the carousel rides with comprehensive models and reasonable price. We have produce merry go round for decades of years. Qiangli is a leading company in amusement industry.

There are various types of fairground carousel rides according to the specification,there are 3 seaters, 6 seaters, 12 seaters, 16 seaters, 22 seaters, 24 seaters, 36 seaters, 48 seaters and 58 seaters for choice. So we can produce different carousel rides with different sizes, appearance to meet the demand of different customer. According to your investing fund, three choices may available for you: simple carousel rides, semi-luxury carousel rides and grand carousel rides. If you have the demand for the carousel rides and want to know more details, welcome contact us, and we will send you the free price list and products information.

We Qiangli produce various kinds of carousel rides for sale, such as Ladybird Carousel Ride, Animal Carousel Ride, Kiddie Candy Carousel Ride, Mushroon Carousel Ride, Ocean Carousel Ride, etc. Any demand, welcome contact us.

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