How much is a train in Henan’s trackless sightseeing train?


The trackless sightseeing train is large-scale trackless amusement equipment. It can serve as a means of transportation for people to relax and is also the focus of the entire region, which can better attract tourists. The trackless train ride for sale has the characteristics of s simple and flexible operation, comfortable seat detailing design, durability, which are favored by small and medium investors. So, how much is the Henan trackless sightseeing train?

How much is a train in Henan’s trackless sightseeing train?
QiangLi Trackless Sightseeing Train Ride

The color of the exterior of the trackless sightseeing train can be customized according to the customer’s needs, and the theme can also be customized. The trackless sightseeing train usually uses a battery. It can last for 200 kilometers with one charge. The climb amplitude is about 10 to 15 degrees. Of course, if the customer has demand for diesel using for the trackless train, there is a gap in price. In addition, we will comprehensively consider the factors of investors, tourists’ psychology, venue environment, and other factors to create a variety of different styles and shapes for retro, such as ocean, elephant and other theme trackless train rides for customers. If you want to buy a trackless sightseeing train that is most suitable for your playground, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. What is the advantage of the trackless train compared to other amusement equipment?

In simple terms, the trackless trains ride for sale can bring high popularity and high traffic, and the conversion rate is naturally the basis for profitability for investors. Generally speaking, it is driven on a flat road without slope, so it is more suitable for large amusement parks, shopping malls, scenic spots, etc. Its “self-belt” attracts many children’s favorite.

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