How Much is an Amusement Park Carousel Ride?


Carousel Ride is a kind of classic ride in an amusement park, and it is popular all over the world. When it comes to amusement park rides, the first thing people think of is always the merry-go-round. Many business man want to know the price of the carousel rides. Actually, different size and appearance carousel rides have different price. If you want to know the specific price, please contact us and let me know the details for your carousel you want to buy.

How Much is an Amusement Park Carousel Ride?

Now, I will tell you the factors that influence the price

  1. Seat. There are  the 8-seat, 10-seat, 12-seat, 16-seat, 24-seat and 36-seat fairground carousel for your choice. Of course, the more seats you need, higher price
  2. Decoration degree. There are simple carousel, medium carousel and luxury carousel rides for your choice.   Higher degree, higher price. Of course, luxury carousel rides are the most popular with people.
  3. Transmission mode. There are tow types of transmission mode, upper transmission and under transmission. For the upper transmission, the process is complex, so the cost is higher, but this kind of carousel equipment will not go wrong easily. The under transmission cost less, but the cost of later maintenance is high.
  4.  Indoor or outdoor use. If the carousel is installed at indoor, the materials can be used less. If installed at outdoor, the painting should use automotive paint. Which has the characteristics of anti-wear, anti-sun and anti-corrosion. Generally, the outdoor carousel equipment shall have more durable materials and higher prices.

If you want to buy a carousel, you should know your site firstly and you can know what kind of carousel you should buy.

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