Qiangli Extreme Thrill Theme Park Rides


As we all know, the extreme theme park rides–thrill amusement rides are very popular in amusement parks and theme parks. People like the feeling of thrilling and enjiy the process of thrill rides playing. So this article will introduce some thrill amusement rides for the park investors how to choose a reliable thrilling ride manufacturer. This article will introduce some popular extreme thrill theme park rides Manufactured by Qiangli,

Qiangli Roller Coaster for Theme Park

Roller coaster is a type of classic thrill amusement ride in the form of elevated railroad track with sharp turns, steep slopes and inversions. Thus, When people riding, they can feel howling winds and strong sense of weightlessness within a short time. The thrilling feeling is fleeting, so some riders will play this item for several times. Roller coaster can be found in many amusement parks and theme parks. To sum up, roller coaster is the most extreme and scariest amusement ride item in the theme park .

Adventure Pirate Ship Amusement Park Rides

Pirate ship ride takes its name from its appearance like an antique pirate ship. Similarly, it is a kind of thrill swing ride that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis. It swings slowly at the beginning and then accelerates gradually. Finally, the ship will rush the peak or fall into the bottom repeatedly. Its time of duration is longer than that of roller coaster. Thus, riders have to enjoy the thrilling feeling brought by pirate ship for long periods of time. In this regard, pirate ship ride is crazier than roller coaster.

Pendulum Thriller Ride for Sale

Thirll Pendulum ride is a kind of swing ride that consists of a huge stand column as support and two mechanical arms for rotation. The equipment makes the circular motion along the horizontal axis. We Qiangli also produce the mini pendulum, which is specially designed for children. But the giant pendulum could give people dazzling, thrilling and exciting feelings.

Amusement Park Ferris Wheel Ride

Different from the above thrill rides, the speed of ferris wheel ride is slow. It can be classified into extreme park rides own to its height. The height is always 20-80 meters. Rider can take the unrivaled scenery clearly from a distance. Therefore, it is also renown as observation wheel.And this item is very suitable for the family’s fun.

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