Qiangli Fairground Dodgems for Sale


Fairground Dodgem for Sale Opertaion Introduction

Fairground dodgem, we often call the bumper cars, it is a kind of well-know nad popular amusement rides among the children and adults.Fairground dodgems are the widely seen amusement park equipment, and suitable for different age groups, from the small kids, the young to the old.This fairground rides have a large application ranges and it can be applied to park, fairground, indoor playground, kindergarten, residential park, park, gardens, shopping mall, supermarket, residential quarters, KFC and other indoor and outdoor venues for children and adults.

Qiangli Fairground Dodgems  for Sale

How to choose the most suitable fairground dodgems for sale?

In order to buy a fairground dodgem cars, you should have a knowledge of bumper cars. In this way, you can choose the best dashing cars with the best price as soon as possible. There are many factors you must be taken into consideration. Now Qiangli group will briefly introduce some of them here for every customers. If you want to learn more, you can contact us!

1.Choose the suitable type bumper car you need. Firstly you should know clearly which kind of fairground dodgems you want to buy and where you want to place them.We Qiangli provbide the battery bumper cars, electric bumper cars and inflatable battery bumper cars for your choice. Bumper cars can be classified into ground-net bumper cars, sky-net bumper cars. As time goes by, the ceiling-floor grid bumper cars become more and more rarely. Now, the bumper cars in the market are almost the ground net bumping cars.

2. Compared with the quality and price. Qiangli manufactures our bumper cars with high quality raw materials and advanced technique, the dodgem ride is made of quality fiberglass reinforced plastic and non-fading painting so the bumper car ride we produced have a long time service time. And we test our products strictly before leaving our factory.

3. The pre-sales and after-sales services.Qiangli can guarantee the excellent pre-sales and after-sales services for all our customers. If you have any question, you can contact us anytime and we will answer all your questions as soon as possible within 24 hours and meet all your reasonable requirements.

Fairground Dodgem for Sale Manufacturer

Qiangli group supplies bumping cars with a large amount of varieties in China, and is the professional bumper cars manufacturer. If you have any demand for fairground bumper car ride, welcome contact us.

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