Qiangli Pirate Ship Swing Ride For Sale Features


Pirate ship ride for sale is a kind of hot amusement ride in entertainment places. It is a type of thrill ride, welcomed by kids and adults. Swing angle of pirate boat ride for sale is generally 40º-60º, its speed is about 400m/min. It is very fast so it make rides feel excited and happy.

Qiangli Pirate Ship Swing Ride For Sale Features

The Operation of Pirate Ship Ride

The pirate ship ride transmission mode is friction transmission. Friction wheel tightly presses on the track and then the ship ride vibrates back and forth. When the operation ceases, friction force among track will play a role in braking the amusement facility. Power to drive friction wheel includes electric power and hydraulic pressure power. Both power is ideal for running of swinging ship ride for sale if adjusted properly. This article is mainly introduce the main features of pirate ship ride for sale you should know.

  • The pirate ship ride is made of FRP materials, so it has the characteristics of anti-rust & automobile paint.
  • Highj quality material, totally durable, firm and environmental.
  • Beautiful appearance, it is equipped with hundreds of LED lamps, a beautiful attraction at night.
  • It is equipped with exciting music which are energy-saving, the rider will feel happier when ride the pirate ship.
  • Top class gel coat imported from Germany is not easy to fade away.
  • Strict technical process in shaping and painting to ensure a long service life.
  • Suitable for outdoor playground, park, funfair, etc. wholly popular with teenagers and adults.
  • Safe & thrilling feeling and experience, bring you overweight, weightless and centrifugal force.

Qiangli Group provide various kinds of pirate ship for sale with different themes and specifications, we Qiangli provide amusement rides with best quality at competitive price. If you have any demand for pirate ship ride for sale or other amusement ride for sale, will contact us.

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