Qiangli Portable Carnival Rides for Sale


Portable carnival rides are very suitable for goers for the carnival. festivals and parties.  Qiangli Amusement Ride Manufacturer is specially produce and designs tons of portable amusement rides for you. For the amusement rides investors, the portable carnival rides for sale is easier to start the amusement rides industry. For these mobile rides can not only make huge money for you, but also give you the opportunities to tour around the country with happiness. Understanding the underlying meanings of portable rides so well, Qiangli offers you quality mobile rides with many styles for you.

Portable Carousel Rides for Sale

Portable Mini carousel ride is welcomed by kids very much, so they cannot resist the temptations to have ride on your portable mini carousel rides at carnivals, funfairs, parties, and festivals. Qiangli amusement park provide various kinds of portable carousel rides with different themes and appearnace. And the whole ride is coated with beautiful paintings and decorations. Except for this attractive appearance, in order to ensure the safety, the trailer mounted carousel ride is surrounded by railings built around the turntable. What’s more, the portable carousel ride can easily be attached to your cars so that you can move the ride around.

Qiangli Portable Carnival Rides for Sale

Portable Mini Pirate Ship for Sale

Pirate ship ride is a kind of thrill ride in the amusement and theme parks around the world, for people of all ages love the adventures of pirates. However, kids are not allowed to play the gaint pirate ship ride. So if there are the mini pirate ship rides, the children will be very happy and call on their friends to have a ride on it. It will bring many happy and excitmeng for kids. For the designs of Qiangli mobile mini pirate ship rides, we offers you many choices. And of course, we can customize portable mini pirate ship rides for you to meet your needs.

Qiangli Portable Carnival Rides for Sale

Portable Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale

Mini portable ferris wheel, compared with common mini ferris wheel, it has a small size, portable ferris wheel ridefor sale can be moved from one place to another place, which is very convenient. The small ferris wheels are very suitable for the children playing for it moves with slower speed, and the appearance of mini ferris wheel rides are decorated with brilliant colors.

If you want to invest the portable ferris wheel, Qiangli is a good choice for you. We Qiangli provide various kinds of amusement rides for sale, welcome contact us.

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