Tagada Ride Operation Mode


Oct 10,2018 News 158

Tagada Ride Operation Mode

This article is mainly introduce the operation mode of the tagada ride.

(1) the cylinder is pumped by an air compressor. Passengers take off their shoes and put on socks in the waiting area.

(2) open the gate, passengers enter in order, sit well and stay steady.

(3) After visitors sit well, start playing the game instructions, staff need to check the equipment, close the door after the check.

(4) start the equipment after tourists are seated well. During the game, do not stand, and do not put your head or hand out of the device to prevent scratches.

(5) when the equipment is in operation, the rotary table turns several times firstly, and then the cylinder supplies gas to two hydraulic columns. The device starts to rotate. After 3 or 4 turns, it starts to move rhythmically (one up and one down).

(6) visitors need to return to their seats immediately after the equipment stops moving rhythmically and starts turning. At this point, music stopped, begin to broadcast security notice.

(7) game over. Passengers need to get off the equipment immediately.

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