The impact of the new coronavirus on the entertainment industry


Now, the new coronavirus circulating around the world is alarming people all over the world. And A series of measures were taken.

During the coronavirus, for a long time the economy will be hit hard by the new coronavirus. Especially amusement parks, parks and other places of entertainment. If you are an investor of amusement facilities, you should maintain our own amusement facilities. Not only the amusement facilities, but also the tourism and catering industries are greatly affected. As an investor of amusement facilities, we should maintain our own amusement facilities. By the time it’s all over, your project will be hot.

The foreign outbreak is serious , so the most important thing is to protect yourself while trying to avoid crowded places. Wear the mask and wash your hand often.

The impact on China is slowly getting better. So now our government has officially approved the factory to resume full production. All will be will soon!

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