The Price of Mini Pirate Ship Ride


Oct 10,2018 News 182

The Price of Mini Pirate Ship Ride

The mini pirate ship for sale is a kind of swinging children’s play equipment. The so-called mini is that a mini version of a large pirate ship. At the same time, the appearance has been greatly improved, removing the true stimulating style of the large pirate ship, and changing to a cartoon style that is more suitable for young children. At the same time, in the hull process, it also changed from a hull made of pure steel to a FRP hull. So how much is the mini pirate ship? What should the amusement park operators pay attention to?

I. update hardware facilities and lead the trend of projects

For some recreational stimulation and experience recreational projects with short life cycle, their hardware facilities are relatively fast to be eliminated, which requires constant updating of equipment.Equipment renewal is not only to replace the old with the new, but also to follow the trend and constantly introduce new entertainment facilities — this is also an innovative idea of indoor leisure and entertainment projects.However, upgrading hardware requires increased investment, and such innovation must be based on scientific analysis and prediction of the profitability of new equipment.

2. Second, strengthen the participation of tourists with innovative experience

Participation and experience are the core characteristics of leisure and entertainment projects.In terms of recreation project innovation, for some new projects with weak participation of tourists, the attraction of leisure and entertainment projects can be improved by strengthening the participation of tourists and innovating experience ways.

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