Theme Park Rides for Sale


Oct 10,2018 News 111

Theme Park Rides for Sale

Various kinds of amsuement rides are the backbone of a theme park, such as  roller coasters, carousel ride, flying chair ride, ferris wheel, bumper car,, etc.  Many visitors go to the theme parks want to get joy and relax from the amusement rides. Qiangli produces a variety of theme park rides for sale. As a amusement park rides supplier, we have over ten years’ experience in the field of amusement rides. Welcome to contact us for the Qiangli theme park equipment for sale.

Qiangli Kiddie Rides for Sale

There are some amsuement rides are specially designed for kinds, owing to limitation of the age and height, some amusement rides are not suitable for kids, so we produce some kiddie rides for sale. Many of these equipment are versions of adult amusement rides and they are smaller, cuter and milder to ensure children’s safety. kiddie rides include mini carousel rides, mini ferris wheel, mini roller coaster, etc.

Qiangli Thrill Rides for Sale

Many people go to theme park to seek the feel of thrill or excitement. In order not to disappoint these visitors, many theme parks provide thrilling rides for visitors. We Qiangli provide thrill rides such as drop towers, pendulum swing rides, roller coaster, tagada ride, surf’s up rides etc. These thrill rides can give visitors exciting experiences, they are not recommended for visitors with health problems or who fear of height.

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