Types of Bumper Car Ride


Oct 10,2018 News 108

Types of Bumper Car Ride

Bumper car is a kind of popular amusement park ride item in the amusement park, theme parks and some other entertainment places. It is welcomed by the young children and adults. There are various types of bumper cars for sale in Qiangli. We can also customize the bumper car according to customers’ requirements. This article is mainly introduce the major types of our bumper cars for sale.

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

It is obvious that the electric bumper car is depending on the electricity. And the ectrical bumper cars can be divided into sky grid bumper cars and ground grid bumper cars. The power supply of sky grid bumper car is overhead, while electric current is transmitted on the ground in a ground grid bumper car.

Types of Bumper Car Ride

Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

Battery operated bumper car relies on the battery to run. It doesn’t require special site, So it is convenient to use. The battery operated bumper car for sale in Qiangli adopts materials of steel and fiberglass. So it has the characteristics of environmentally friendly, attractive, safe and durable.

Types of Bumper Car Ride

Bumper car is a kind of essential amusement ride in a fairground, amusement park, theme park, etc. Qiangli produces various kinds of bumper car rides to satisfy different site and situation. These rides have unique appearances and all ages of people can drive them. Our fairground bumper cars for sale have been exported to many foreign countries and welcomed by new and old customers. If you have demand for the bumper car rides for your amusement park investment, welcome contact Qiangli company, we will provide you with the best products and service.

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