What are the Different Types of Bumper Car Ride?


Bumper car ride is kind of classic amusement item in amusement park or funfair, which is very popular with children and adults. This article will introduce the types of bumper car ride. According to the electric way, the bumepr car ride can be divided into three types: sky-net bumper car, ground-net bunper car and battery bumper car.

Sky-net Bumper Car Ride: Skynet bumper car is a kind of the amusement equipment with strong maneuverability, the power supply mode is that the supply network consisted of bar conductor on a large enough insulation board. skynet bumper cars for sale should be equipped with conductive floors, conductive wires and strong fences. The conductive plate is inconvenient for decoration.

Ground-grid Bumper Car Ride: ground-grid bumper car ride is suitable used for square and amusement park. The power supply mode is that lay the conductive steel plate, operate on the principle of tyre conduction.

Electric Battery Bumper Car Ride: The batteries and power systems are installed inside the bumper cars’ bodies. Battery provides energy through the motors, gears and some chains to drive the wheels to run.

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