Where to Buy the Vintage Amusement Rides


Vintage amusement rides are becoming more and more popular in the amusement parks, theme parks, and some other entertainment places. Classic amusement ride occupies a large proportion and enjoys an unrivaled position.So the vintage amusement ride is an important part of the amusement park. Qiangli Amusement Ride Company is a professional amusement ride production, design and sales company. We have advanced technology and excellent technical engineers with rich experience. Qiangli provide customization service according to the client’s requirement. In a word, if you have demand for antique amusement park rides, Qiangli is a reliable and valuable amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier for you.

The following are some hot sale vintage amusement park rides in Qiangli:

Vintage Carousel Ride for Sale

The antique amusement carousel is the representative of old amusement park rides for sale. It is a traditional and classic funfair ride. The first merry go round appeared in 1779-1780. It has been more than 200 years. Its colorful and exquisite appearance is still the biggest selling point. Qiangli Vintage carousel ride is hot sale in the amusement rides market. We have exported many types carousel rides to many countries and regions and get good feedback.

Vintage Trackless Train Ride for Sale

The trackless train rides are popular in amusement parks, shopping malls, resorts and some other entertainment places. It is not only a way to have fun, but also a means of transportation. Not only children can ride on it, but also people at all ages can enjoy the view along the roads and achieve the destination easily through vintage train rides.

We Qiangli is a progessional amusement rides manufacturer, provide many kinds of vintage amusement rides, such as classic bumper car ride, ferris wheel, etc. If you have any demand for the amusement rides, welcome contact us.

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