Why carousel ride is so popular with investors?


Carousel ride is very popular with the investors, this article will introduce the reasons why it is so popular with the investors.

  • First, the ride is not influenced by the season limit. Aquatic products are usually used mainly in summer. Inflatable products are mainly hot in spring and autumn, they all have limited operating hours. The carousel ride can be operated all year round used in indoors and outdoor.
  • Second, wide audience. The carousel ride is popular with both children and adults, which can increase the fun of parents and children at the same time, and also allow young people to enjoy the romance of merry go round.
  • Third, small operation risk. Inflatable slides and the like cannot be operated in windy weather, and high-altitude equipment cannot be operated. Aquatic products have the risk of children falling into the water. And the risk of carousel ride is small, and the product failure will not cause the personally safe.
  • Fourth, long service life and short time profit returns. Generally, the life of the horse is about 5 years. The aquatic product is generally about 3 years. The same money invest in carousel ride, the lifespan is long, and the return is fast. Many operators are willing to operate.

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