Why Choose QIANGLI as the Supplier of Small Ferris Wheels


QiangLi is a professional amusement small park ferris wheel rides manufacturer with many years experience, we are an reliable supplier of various fairground rides, carnival rides and kiddie rides. In the past 15 years, Qiangli small Ferris wheels sold very well, we have exported to many countries like Russia, Australia, India, South Africa,etc, and we get good feedback.

The ferris wheel can visually attract the attention of children, while the ferris wheel can well meet the desire of children want to climb high and look around, although they can not see the scene of the whole city, they can see the scene of whole park or square. At the same time,  parents can have good communication with their children. Our small ferris wheels not only bring fun to children, but also bring profits to owners. We produce various types of ferris wheel for your choice according to your requirement. What’s more, we also accept customization to produce unique ferris wheel just for you.

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