3 Ring Roller Coaster
3 Ring Roller Coaster
3 Ring Roller Coaster
3 Ring Roller Coaster

3 Ring Roller Coaster

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The 3 ring roller coaster for sale is a kind of smaller roller coaster, it is hot and popular in the amusement parks, theme parks, and some other entertainment places. The 3 ring roller coaster consists of overhead tracks, traction systems, and trains. And the overhead track consists of a 360-degree vertical loop and two 360 degree spiral loops. The 3 ring roller coaster with suitable size and height, so it can be installed indoors and outdoors. And the three-ring roller coaster for sale in Qiangli has affordable and competitive prices. So 3 loops roller coaster is as the main product in the amusement parks, etc.

3 Ring Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Ride Introduction

The traction machine lifts the train to the highest point of 25 meters and then automatically performs a large-scale dive, a 360-degree vertical tumbling, and two 360-degree spiral tumblings. At the same time, the riders will feel very excited and thrilling. They will feel overweight and experience greater centrifugal force.

3 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale

On the one hand, 3 ring roller coaster for sale from Qiangli is relatively a smaller coaster ride compared with 5/ 6/ 7/ loop roller coaster and other big size equipment. Meanwhile, the cost of a 3 loop roller coaster is relatively favorable. Apart from this kind of giant coaster ride, we also provide many types of mini roller coasters for backyards and carnivals like wacky worm roller coaster and dragon roller coaster, etc.

Are you looking for big roller coaster? Try 3 ring roller coaster now! we Qiangli have rich experience in the design, research, manufacture, and supply of roller coaster equipment. We provide high-quality product and reasonable price, our products have been successfully exported to many countries and get good feedback, welcome to get in touch with us for more information and quotation.

Features of Qiangli 3 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale

  1. Durable material and advanced technology, long service life
  2. Reliable safe devices, High safety & quality
  3. Roller coaster ride for sale from Qiangli manufacturer with competitive price
  4. We have an international standard, ISO, CE, BV certificates
  5. Customized accepted.

Parameters of Three Ring Roller Coaster

Length of the Track498 meter
The Highest Point of the Equipment23 meter
Running Period100s
Quantity of Cars6
Capacity of the Equipment24
Highest Speed75km/h
3 Ring Roller Coaster
big roller coaster carnival ride

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3 Ring Roller Coaster
three loop coaster ride designed for Canada park

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