6 Ring Roller Coaster Thrill Ride
6 Ring Roller Coaster Thrill Ride
6 Ring Roller Coaster Thrill Ride
6 Ring Roller Coaster Thrill Ride

6 Ring Roller Coaster Thrill Ride

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6 Ring roller coaster ride is a kind of giant amusement thrill ride with giant size and height. It is designed and manufactured according to the international standard. We Qiangli produce the roller coaster with high safety, quality and competitive prices, Qiangli roller coasters for sale have been successfully exported to more than 60 countries and regions. Are you looking for a reliable 6 ring roller coaster manufacturer? Contact us today for the best price.

Six Ring Roller Coaster Amusement Ride Features

  1. Large size, great attractions, double excitement
  2. New design, beautiful appearance
  3. Simple structure, easy to install, operate and maintain
  4. Durable material & advanced technology, long service life
  5. High safety, quality & performance
  6. Offer custom service to meet your demands
  7. Competitive prices

Roller Coaster Ride Supplier

Qinagli amusement rides company was founded in 1993, we are professional in the design, research, and manufacture of roller coasters for over 20 years. We produce various types of roller coasters, such as the kiddie roller coaster, large roller coaster, etc. Whatever kind of roller coaster ride for sale with various sizes, parameters, and configurations, you can find in Qiangli Manufacturer. We Qiangli provide high performance, fast delivery, and competitive price. Of course, our products have the international standard, CE, ISO, BV certificates. Apart from roller coaster machines, we also provide many other amusement rides, such as Ferris wheel ride, carousel rides, tagada rides, and indoor rides, etc. Interested in our six-ring roller coaster or other products? Welcome to contact us for a free price list.

6 Ring Giant Roller Coaster Paramter

Length of the Track720 meter
The Highest Point of the Equipment33 meter
Running Period130s
Quantity of Cars6
Capacity of the Equipment24
Cover Area380v
Highest Speed80km/h

Safety System of Our Six Loops Roller Coaster Ride

For the safety of our six-ring roller-coaster adventure, we used two braking systems. One set is set on the platform, consisting of four sets of brakes (no. 1-4), and the other set is set in the buffer zone, consisting of eight sets of brakes (no. 5-12). Each braking system has an airbag, which is controlled by a pneumatic system. After releasing the station brake, the train slides to the lifting section by inertia, and the motor of the traction device drives the train up to the highest point of the roller coaster track. Under the action of gravitational potential energy, the train will slide along the track. During the taxi ride, passengers will experience the strong stimulation of being overweight and weightless. In this way, the sales of the sixth ring roller coaster in our factory will meet people’s needs and fun.

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Note: All products can be customized as your request. Please freely contact us for more designs.

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Why we are differcnt

  • Direct amusement rides factory
  • Full testing certificates(BV,CE,TUV,ISO)
  • 30 Years amusement park experience

What will benefit you

  • Ensure you the best quality
  • Free design & consult service
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