Portable Mini Ferris Wheel
Portable Mini Ferris Wheel
Portable Mini Ferris Wheel

Portable Mini Ferris Wheel

Name: Mini Ferris Wheel Ride

Size: D5*H5.5m

Area: 6*5m

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Portable Mini Ferris Wheel Details

Portable mini ferris wheel for sale is a kind of kiddie rides, and it is specially designed for the needs of kids. The portable ferris wheel is a kind of mobile ferris wheel. Compared with a common mini ferris wheel, a portable ferris wheel ride for sale can be moved from one place to another place, which is very convenient. And the portable ferris wheel for sale is smaller than the common ones. Compared with the large size ferris wheels, the mini portable ferris wheels are small in sizes and easily operate. The small ferris wheels are very suitable for the children playing for it moves with slower speed, and the appearance of mini ferris wheel rides are decorated with brilliant colors.

Portable Mini Ferris Wheel


NameMini Ferris wheelCategoryFerris Wheel

The mini size ferris wheel ride is a kind of good choice for the amusement investment for its great attentions to the little kids.

Different Types of Mini Ferris Wheel Ride

There are different types of mini Ferris wheel ride produced by Qiangli amusement manufacturer, there are 5, 6, 12 cabins available from Qiangli amusement manufacturer. Also, the small Ferris wheel ride can be divided into one side or double sides. The one side small Ferris wheel is common, while the double-side or face mini Ferris wheel is rare. As the name implies, double side miniature Ferris wheel has two sets of cabins on the upright wheel in opposite with each other. This means that it can entertain more kids once at a time. We QinagLi can produce different mini Ferris wheel ride with various colors, designs, and themes. What’s more, our miniature Ferris wheels can be customized to fit in specific backgrounds of your venues.

Portable Mini Ferris Wheel

Name: Double-side mini ferris wheel

Category: Ferris Wheel

Size: H8.1m Area: 9*6m

power: 7.5Kw Seat: 24P

Voltage: 380v

Portable Mini Ferris Wheel Ride Application

Mini Ferris wheel Ride is a must-have amusement item in children’s playgrounds, theme park, and amusement parks, family entertainment centers, carnivals whether indoor or outdoor.

Ferris Wheel Introduction

Ferris wheel ride for sale is a kind of large amusement ride, which is often seen in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, and other playgrounds. When the passengers ride on a ferris wheel, with the rise of the cabin, passengers will have a wide sphere of vision, they can see the scenery around them. When they enjoy the scenery on the ride, they can refresh their heart completely. As a classic amusement ride, ferris wheel integrates thrill and fun together. People regard Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel ride these three amusement rides as “three treasures in the amusement parks”.

Portable Mini Ferris Wheel
42m Ferris Wheel Ride

Name42M Ferris WheelCategoryFerris Wheel

Where Could You Buy a Reliable Kiddle Ferris Wheel Ride?

QiangLi ferris wheel manufacturer is a leading ferris wheel manufacturer in China, we have rich experience in designing and producing various ferris wheels during for many years. we produce giant Ferris wheel, including 20m ferris wheel, 30m ferris wheel, 42m ferris wheel, 52m ferris wheel, 65m ferris wheel, 88m ferris wheel and 120m ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel, double Ferris wheel, backyard Ferris wheel, portable Ferris wheel, etc. of course, we also accept ferris wheel customization by our customers’ requirements.

Note: All products can be customized as your request. Please freely contact us for more designs.

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